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“Twists and turns abound, suspects are fingered and then cleared. Betty and Walt pursue red herrings and dead-ends… I highly recommend Pea Body. It’s more than an enjoyable mystery. It’s also a firsthand look into the lives of those adventurous few who sell most of their earthly belongings, buy a recreational vehicle, and set out to live their lives where, when, and how they choose. Reading this book is not only an enjoyable escape, it’s also a brief guide to the perks and cons of the full-time nomadic life.” — E. Michael Helms, acclaimed author of the Mac McClellan mysteries

“It seemed like the main character, Betty Rollins, and I had known each other for ages, like we’ll be meeting for lunch next week to keep each other posted on what’s going on in our lives. She felt so comfortable, so natural, I had to remind myself she was merely a character in a book… When the next Rollin RV mystery comes along, I’ll be waiting for it. Eagerly.” — Cher Bibler, author and editor

“I loved the book! Full time RVers will love the book and if you are thinking of going full time, you need to read this book. Even part time RVers will be able to relate to so many things.” — Nancy Volak, retired campground owner/manager

“This is the first murder mystery I have read that uses a traveling RVer as the sleuth. If you live the RV lifestyle, even for a weekend, this book brings a smile to your face. This first person narrative really works here. Well done, Ellen. When is the next book coming out?” — Margo Armstrong,

“I’m a full time RV’er and could relate to alot in the story. Loved the interaction between husband and wife and the different campers they met.” — Janet Mackay

Another reviewer called it a “cliff hanger,” and yet another said the book was filled with “warm and realistic characters that the reader wants to follow. Even the odd and at first irritating characters are soon revealed to have another human side.”

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