RVing for Non-RVers


Reading Pea Body or another RV book and wondering what’s what in the world of RVing? Here’s where you can find those answers — RV stuff explained for non-RVers!

Types of RVs

First, when RVers toss around terms like “Class A,” “Class C,” and “fiver,” they’re not talking about sports or money. They’re talking about types of rigs — the kinds of recreational vehicles people drive.

And just when I was about to pull together information about all the different types of rigs, I found a fabulous couple of posts by full-timer Becky Schade at Interstellar Orchard. She’s generously granted permission for me to directly link to her posts. Wonder no more about what makes a Class A different than a Class C (and what’s a Class B, anyway?). Follow either of the links to start with to learn more about…

And don’t forget to follow her blog for some great full-time adventures from another point of view. Thanks, Becky, for lending us your expertise!

While I pull together some other items to add here, drop me a line if there’s something you’re particularly curious about. I know you have questions — everyone does! Just send me an e-mail at ellenbehr[at]aol[dot]com.

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