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Writing can be a lonely hike — knowing others have walked the same path, found the hidden perils, and are willing to share what they’ve learned is a valuable thing.

Curious about other RVing novelists? Wondering how others are balancing the travel-writing lifestyle? Or maybe you’re ready to discover more novelists featuring RVers in their books…

Look no further! Click the image below to go to a page where you can find all of the e-interviews from ellenbooks featuring RVing novelists (and a few novelists featuring RVers):


Meet More RVing Novelists


Watch for more e-interviews with editors, non-traditional book publishers, and others who will give you the insight you need to get ahead in your publishing endeavors!


Help! will list links to posts providing other writerly info and insights (like getting un-stuck, starting a writing group, stuff like that).

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