Books as… decoration?!?

Do you get as distracted as I do by all those bookshelves behind the talking heads on TV? It's hard for me to keep up with Judy Woodruff and the PBS Newshour when they broadcast out of the studio, presumably in the anchor and reporters' homes. I'm more curious about the books they read than... Continue Reading →

What Killed the Big Bookstores?

[Image courtesy istock] Some say the e-book revolution did brick-and-mortar stores in, but I recently read a fascinating interview that points in another direction: to the bookstore companies themselves. Notice I wrote "bookstore companies" rather than "booksellers" or "bookstores." "Bookstore companies" is something that -- as far as I know -- I made up so... Continue Reading →

New Book for Fellow Writers!

New Book for Fellow Writers! Years ago I devoted two full years of my life to obtaining an MFA degree in Creative Writing -- a combination of workshops and standard classes. Two years of reading and writing (and teaching, to help pay my way). I went into some serious debt in that effort, but it... Continue Reading →

Writing? Publishing?

Awhile back I wrote about some problems I was having with Lulu, my long-time, go-to print-on-demand platform. While many of those problems have been resolved, some linger, despite some helpful intervention by a particularly attentive customer service rep. It was so frustrating my very supportive husband found himself asking why I persisted. "If it causes... Continue Reading →

Words Matter

If you've ever wondered whether what you write matters, if words actually count, you have all the evidence you need in the events of Wednesday this week, the most prominent of many examples we've all witnessed. The insurgents who swarmed our nation's Capitol have been listening to spoken words, reading written words. They believed those... Continue Reading →

The Book Saga Continues…

…but the good news, they're back! Last I checked, all of my ebooks have reappeared on Amazon, though they've gone missing at some of the other online booksellers 😦 It's great to know that RVers who want to gift their fellow RVing friends with an ebook by sharing the fun of a Rollin RV Mystery... Continue Reading →

The Case of the Disappearing Books

Sometimes real-life hands us our own mysteries. After writing them for awhile, you'd think I'd be thrilled to have a real life mystery drop in my lap. Not exactly. I've been quiet here but active in other places online, promoting my latest Rollin RV Mystery, Superstition Victim. The other day I was on Amazon (where... Continue Reading →

Price Cuts!

Decided to reduce prices on many of my books, both print and e-version. With so many books to feature here, I'll instead point you to my Books page on the top menu. I'd add a link, but WordPress has shifted us to this block-system of making posts, which of course offers a bajillion more options,... Continue Reading →

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