The latest Rollin RV Mystery featuring Walt and Betty Rollin–America’s favorite full-time RVing sleuths

A rustic campground in the shadows of Arizona’s Superstition Mountains is anything but peaceful for Walt and Betty Rollin, full-time RVers hoping for tranquil hiking and a good deal on a new RV. What they find instead are secrets buried deeper than the Lost Dutchman’s legendary treasure… secrets so valuable someone is willing to kill to keep them. Local law enforcement seems unable to help, leaving Walt and Betty to do all they can–no matter what it takes.

This is the third installment in the Rollin RV Mystery series which RVers and non-RVers alike have called “page-turning,” “engrossing,” and their favorite way to stay up past bedtime.

Margo Armstrong, author of For Women Only: Traveling Solo in Your RV, and 9 other books on the lifestyle, had this to say about Superstition Victim:

“Your new book, Superstition Victim, is a fascinating read. Add first-hand information about living the full-time RV lifestyle, stir in danger and adventure that always follows your main characters, and a tasty mystery is served up to the reader. Ramping up the danger in this plot keeps the reader’s eyes glued to the pages. I could not put it down even at the end because you added an extra feature. Please drop me a notice when the next Rollin RV Mystery is available.”

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All Rollin RV Mysteries are written so you can read them out of order and they’ll still make sense–nothing is given away that will spoil a book you’ve missed, so dig in anywhere!

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