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What’s a Story Molecule?

Many thanks to Deb Sanders who invited me to share some thoughts on her blog! It gave me a chance to reveal how story molecules bombard us, sometimes forming into full stories.

Deb herself is great at this. A fellow RVing author, she pens mysteries and romances.

You can read my post here.

And while you’re there — take a look at all Deb has to offer on her site, including her short stories. Continue reading “What’s a Story Molecule?”

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Fellow RV Mystery Writers: MJ Williams

After I read On the Road to Death’s Door, by MJ Williams, I had to find out more about its author — or, I should say, authorS.

MJ Williams is a pen name for sisters-in-law Peggy Joque Williams and Mary Joy Johnson (nee Williams). These women balance other professional interests with their collaborative writing efforts — and I knew we’d all learn something from their experiences as a writing team.

Let’s start with the travel-writing balance. One of Peggy’s blog posts mentions that Mary Joy travels. How often do each of you hit the road? Give us an idea of your RVing experience. Continue reading “Fellow RV Mystery Writers: MJ Williams”

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RVing Novelist Interviews — In One Handy Spot!


I love this blog design, with all it’s sticky-note and pencil images… Very writerly! But it doesn’t have the cleanest navigation. To make things easier, I not only added the site map (in the right column on a laptop, if you scroll down) but also you can find the tiny links at the top of the screen for different pages.

Plus in spots like this I’ll give you direct link to pages like the one I just added that gives you direct link to all the author interviews you’ve been seeing here lately. Makes it so much easier (I hope!) to find cool stuff like this.

Bookmark the page and you can go right to it when new interviews get posted!

Oh… and there will be more! I promise!

Know other fiction writers who are RVers? Or maybe feature main characters who are RVers? Let me know! I’d love to include them here!

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Fellow RV Novelists: Deb Sanders

It’s been awhile since we’ve peeked into the lives of RVing writers, so it’s great to introduce another fellow traveler and scribbler.

Deb Sanders writes a variety of books — mystery, romance, fantasy, paranormal thrillers…! And she’s prolific, having penned at least eight books to date. How does she manage this while on the road? Let’s find out from the author herself.

Which came first — the RV or the writing?

Continue reading “Fellow RV Novelists: Deb Sanders”

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Never Give Up

We hear it a lot: Persevere. Keep going. Push past the frustration. Overcome writer’s block. Do all these things and eventually you’ll finish your book, you’ll see it published, you can be proud you never gave up.

Every now and then we get an example of an author who persevered. We’re gifted with knowing an author who didn’t stop, no matter the obstacles and regardless of how much time it took to get it right. Continue reading “Never Give Up”