I don’t have a tattoo. It’s not that I dread the pain of getting one or don’t admire the art of them. Getting a tattoo means making two big decisions, and I can’t settle on either of them… what to get? Where to put it?

I once knew a man who ended up being a murderer. He took a hammer to his sickly, elderly mother’s head because she refused to give him money. After he killed her he went to the nearest bar, ordered a drink, and confessed. When he was a teenager, he cheated at Monopoly, and I knew then he would never be an upstanding citizen.

I spend most of the year confused. I call it being “seasonally confused.” As a full-time RVer — living and traveling all over the US and Canada in our recreational vehicle, without a “sticks and bricks” house somewhere — we spend winters in warm climates and traveling the north country during the summer. As I write this, we’re along the Pacific shore in the northwest, where ocean breezes keep us in sweaters on August days while the rest of the country roasts in triple digits.

I’ve been writing stories since I could string a few words together on paper to create sentences. These days I’m scribbling mysteries featuring Walt and Betty Rollin, retirees who are full-time RVers (sound familiar?) who also solve mysteries.

Writers are always confessing something… so I’ll confess one last thing: you’ll find lots of great inside info on the Rollin Mystery series and get some neat free stuff along the way!


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  • Wondering what the “full-time RV lifestyle” is all about? A non-RVer yourself who’d like to sort out Class A RVs from Class Cs? Black water from gray water (and you really do need to know the difference between those two)? Click the RVing for NonRVers link for stuff you might have read in a Rollin RV Mystery that made you scratch your head about RVing. (And if you still wonder about something, drop Ellen an e-mail — she loves hearing from readers!)
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