Yuma Baby

NOW AVAILABLE in Print & e-Versions!

Yuma Baby Cover
A little girl in the back of a car, a lost stuffed toy in the desert, a frantic mother missing a chiled… they all seem related, but can Walt and Betty Rollin stay out of trouble themselves long enough to make the connections — before someone ends up dead?

Oh, are Walt and Betty in deep sand now! Their winter stay-over in southern Arizona takes a turn for the worse, and they need to get things sorted out before they fly back to Ohio for the birth of their third grandchild.

Read the first two chapters free (no, I’m not collecting any data so I can bug you when you download this PDF — I promise!).

You can order a paperback or ePub version here. Paperbacks are $8.95 plus shipping & handling; ePub versions are just $2.56 (odd price, but it’s an odd way to publish, right?).

Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and iTunes are now available! Just follow these links to order the version for your favorite e-reader!

Please note there have been some recent problems with online book sales through the Lulu distribution system… All seems good with Amazon at the moment, but other e-formats might be temporarily unavailable. My apologies! If you need a copy ASAP, please click the “E-Mail Ellen” link to send me a note.

Bloggers and reviewers might be eligible for free review copies. Contact me at ellenbehr[at]aol[dot]com if you’re interested.

Now… let the mystery begin!

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