Fellow RVing Novelists

When my husband and I set out on our full-time RVing journey back in the spring of 2009, I searched for novels featuring RVers. Sue Henry had released a great series featuring Maxie and Stretch, and Gar Harwood had also published a few Loutermilk novels.

When I finished Pea Body, the first Rollin RV Mystery featuring full-timers Walt and Betty, newsletter editors and others I offered review copies to often said the novel would never catch on because

“RVers don’t read novels about other RVers. They’d rather read nonfiction.”

Yep, somebody actually believed that!

I’m thrilled there are more and more authors proving that particular editor wrong but writing and publishing all kinds of novels with RVing and RVers as a key element in their books.

These terrific writers share our love of RVing — and many of their books feature RVers, too. Recently ellenbooks snagged interviews with them, and they’re linked here so you can find out more about how they write on the road, how their travels influence the stories they tell, and where you can find their books.

Check back here periodically for links to new interviews as they’re completed so you don’t miss any featured RVing authors!

Know of an author we should feature? Just drop Ellen a line at ellenbehr[at]aol[dot]com!

Minnie Crockwell, Author of the Will Travel for Trouble Series
Judy Howard, Author of the Cat and Ghost Novels
Janetta Fudge Messmer, Author of the Early Birds Series
Karen Musser Nortman, Author of the Frannie Shoemaker Campground Mysteries
Deb Sanders, Author of the Daisy Red-Tail Series
E. Michael Helms, Author of the Mac McClellan Mystery Series
(Okay. We’ve made a little exception here. Though the author isn’t an RVer, he embodies the spirit of it… and his main character lives in an RV. My rules. I can break them, right?)
MJ Williams, (aka Peggy Joque Williams and Mary Joy Johnson nee Williams), Author(s) of the Will Travel for Trouble Series


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