None But the Dead and Dying

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Eddy Light Sky drifts into a small Ohio town one hot summer day… He meets Mamie Van Allen, retired schoolteacher sitting on her porch, drinking, waiting for the night, and Crescent St. Clair, the town’s loveliest bored teenager who invites him to join her at the top of the Catholic church spire.

Come midnight, they’ll all listen for the music of Theodore Thompson, who plays his saxophone in the attic of his mother’s house, thinking no one can hear him from there. But the town listens, and keeps the secret, like the secrets uncovered in the Native American burial ground just out of town.

All over the country, critics raved about None But the Dead and Dying. Here are just a few.

  • The New York Times Book Review: “Ellen Behrens’s …accomplished first novel… in self-assured prose, recounts the dramas and dilemmas of a host of characters…. Her writing takes on the energy and freedom of Theodore Thompson’s bluesy saxophone, making music that soars.”
  • Publishers Weekly: “[A] dreamlike first novel about the residents of a sleepy Ohio town who awaken to long-dormant sexual yearnings when an ancient Indian burial ground is unearthed in their midst…. Behrens’s language is rich, her portraits of small-town folk ring true and she is able to intuit, and to make manifest, intimations of the sacred that seep into everyday life.”
  • Wisconsin Bookwatch: “A literary masterpiece by an obviously gifted writer.”

What’s not to love about those comments?!? This book is available in hard cover only from Amazon.

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