What’s a Story Molecule?

Many thanks to Deb Sanders who invited me to share some thoughts on her blog! It gave me a chance to reveal how story molecules bombard us, sometimes forming into full stories.

Deb herself is great at this. A fellow RVing author, she pens mysteries and romances.

You can read my post here.

And while you’re there — take a look at all Deb has to offer on her site, including her short stories.

For each story (“Great Balls of Fire” and “Unmarked Graves” are just two) Deb provides “the Lore” behind it, which adds a dimension you don’t usually get from a short story. (Try to read just one. I dare you.)

If you enjoy her short stories, you’re sure to love her novels, so don’t forget to browse the “My Books” page.

And if you missed the terrific interview we did with Deb awhile back here at ellenbooks, take a look at what she had to say. Makes you want to take to the road and write, doesn’t it?


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