RVing Novelists

When I started writing the Rollin RV Mysteries, I knew about only one other mystery series featuring a sleuth who RVed*: Sue Henry, with her Maxie and Stretch mysteries (sixty-plus year old heroine Maxie McNabb and her dachshund). After four of those, she turned her focus back to her other series. I’ve read them all and though I think End of the Road is my favorite, they’re all good.

Since then I’ve discovered a few more authors venturing down the same path, and will soon be providing an interview with one of them.

So if you’ve enjoyed the Rollin RV Mysteries and want to read more mysteries featuring RVers, watch this space!

* My apologies to language purists. RV, of course, being the abbreviation for “recreational vehicle,” makes no linguistic sense as a verb, and even less when used in the past tense. But after a decade of trying to figure out another way to describe those of us who live or vacation using RVs, I gave in to the common distortions of “RV” used commonly within the “RVing” community. If you can offer an alternative, please leave it in the comments or send me an e-mail — I’d love to have one!

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  1. Ellen
    The alternative is RV. All of us that partake of the RV lifestyle do so because it is the alternative to the brick and stone lifestyle. RV’ing makes sense to all of us that do it.

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