It’s Never Too Late to Start

Awhile back someone posted his concern on a writer’s forum that he was starting too late. I’ve heard it now and again from older writers: they’re in their sixties or seventies, and they’re worried that they shouldn’t even give it a try, this novel writing thing. If that’s your particular worry, then I have some inspiration for you.

Mary Alice Hawley Gernert of Colorado Springs, Colorado, recently published her first novel, The Mayor’s Daughter.

I read the notice of her self-publishing ventures in my Denison University alumni magazine and was thrilled to see it. Mrs. Gernert graduated from Denison in 1939.

You read correctly. 1939. This 94 year-old inspiration is currently at work on her next novel.

Don’t tell me you’re too old to start writing! Just pick up your pen, fire up your computer, and start.

And after you get your day’s limit of words/pages done, take a look at The Mayor’s Daughter, here.

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