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Writers Roundup

Ever thought about how a fireworks display is like writing fiction? No? As the booms, bangs and bursts of color flashed around us on Independence Day, it occurred to me how nice it was to have something without commentary. The missiles went up, exploded, and we were left to oooh and ah — or proclaim … Continue reading

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Writing and Geometry

Oh, but they DO have a lot in common! I was reading Ava Jae’s great post, “You Don’t Have to Get It Right the First Time” and decided it was time to post about the writing process after a long spell without mentioning it. In her post, Ava lists the things you shouldn’t be thinking … Continue reading

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Aim for the Target

Way way back in speech class (!) we talked about our “target audience” — who were we addressing? Who would be sitting in the audience? What did they want or need to hear? If we understood who our target audience was, then we could fashion our speeches, write and deliver the words, that would convince … Continue reading